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Thank you for visiting our website. nicpo is a platform where national and international brands and domains are offered for sale. Please feel free to browse through the areas brands or domains. Maybe you will find something that is interesting for you.


In addition to the brands we offer for private sale, you will find a number of domains and domain packages with European and international top level extensions in this section of our website. These are also available for private sale. Please use our contact form.

The domain 7t1 is one of the rare 3-digit/letter year domains. The domain has not been used for any project so far. As top-level domain the national ending of Germany (.de) is available.

Please note that this portal also offers other 3-digit/letter domains.

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The domain is up for sale. If you are interested in purchasing it, please use our contact form to get in touch.

Gammarus (Gammarus fossarum) is the Latin name for the brook flea cancer. Brook flea crabs in both live and dried form are used as animal feed for reptiles, amphibians and fish, for example. Gammarus are offered for sale on numerous internet platforms. The domain can be used, for example, as a link domain to an existing trading platform.

Privately owned for many years, the domain is now to be sold. The domain has not been used for any project so far. 

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In addition to the domains offered here, the sales mandate 'medipo' also includes the property rights to the trademark medipo® (30500413).

The brand medipo has already been registered at the German Patent and Trademark Office in 2005. The property rights were extended in 2015 until 2025. The registered trademark classes allow the use of medipo for the development of an internet portal and cover the services of a pharmacy, the presentation of drugs and medical products on the internet as well as products and services in the field of health and beauty care for humans and animals. For further information, please use our contact form.

The company Baupo Consulting was founded in May 2007 and provided consulting services in the medium-sized process industry until the company was closed down in 2019. The industry focus was on the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, the food and luxury food industry and the manufacturers of medical devices.

Among the well-known customers of Baupo Consulting were not only classical pharmaceutical producers and contract manufacturers of pharmaceutical products, but also producers of consumer goods in the cosmetics sector, a manufacturer of adhesives and producers of organic food.

After the abandonment of the company, the word mark 'baupo', a figurative mark which has served Baupo Consulting as the company logo, as well as 24 national, international and theme-oriented domains are for sale in addition to the internet project.

Definitely a delicacy, an absolute rarity. In the western language area there are only a few names that occur more frequently than the name 'Müller', even in the spelling 'Mueller'. In the name and on behalf of the company Gustav Müller Industrievertretung a package consisting of 9 national and international domains is offered for sale. These are word combinations of the name Müller (Mueller) and the supplement industry or industrial agency.

With cetonex a .com single domain is available for sale. A project has not been set up until today. The domain is suitable for a building material project, a building material trade or the chemical industry, for example.

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In addition to the 15 national and international top-level domains listed below, the sale includes the intellectual property rights to the nicpo® trademark (DPMA 3020100664509, registered on 11.11.2010, intellectual property rights valid until 30.11.2030):

In order to secure nicpo's international presence in the most important markets, the following national top-level domains were registered:

Austria (.at), Switzerland (.ch), Germany (.de), Spain (.es), France (.fr), India (.in), Italy (.it), the United Kingdom (.uk) and the United States of America (.us).

In addition, the European central domain (.eu) and the international or theme-based domains .biz, .com, .info, .net and .org were secured.

Privately owned for a long time, the domain is now to be sold. The domain has not been used for any project so far.

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Originally, the domains were registered for a privately operated internet portal, which could be used free of charge by persons and institutions involved in day care for children. The aim of the project was to support parents in their regional search for persons and institutions that can take over the care of their children. The domains are partly 15 years old and the original project was online for more than 10 years. The portal was discontinued due to lack of time. In the end, more than 1,000 persons and institutions from Europe, mainly from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, were registered. Most of them were childminders/day care workers, but there were also educators. Even today some websites still refer to the former Tagesmutter project.

From a private stock a series of 3-character year domains are available for sale. All domains are registered under the national tld of the Federal Republic of Germany (.de). The domains can be purchased individually or as a package. The processing is carried out via the platform. If you are interested, please contact us. Please use our contact form.