Sloths meet's Kunterli Art - Under this title you will find cute, detailed drawn sloth / sloth / pereza motifs in high quality, lovingly designed. Striking motifs, real eye-catchers. In this motif hangs a sloth with his young upside down on a branch - These cute sloths are sure to be super. All motifs offered under the Kunterli brand are available in different color variations and clothing sizes for women, men and children. It doesn't matter where you wear the motif, at the office, at sports, at a party, at the disco, a family reunion, at school, at kindergarten or at a child's birthday party... You will definitely be addressed on it. A super gift idea for grandma, grandpa, mom, dad or the kids.

 Kunterli Art T-Shirt Design    Kunterli Art T-Shirt Design    Kunterli Art T-Shirt Design    Kunterli Art T-Shirt Design

Our series of really cute sloths at Amazon:

The illustrations are only selected examples. The motifs are also available on various other products such as hoodies, t-shirts, sweatshirts and tank tops as well as in various colors and many clothing sizes for women, men and children. The mockups below are examples only. The attached links will take you directly to the product page on Amazon.

FAUT0101 FAUT0102 FAUT0103
Amazon Amazon Amazon

One more note about the provider Spreadshirt. Here you have the opportunity to further customize the motifs we offer on the products. You can change the size and positioning and add your own texts. Also, you can combine the motifs offered by us on Spreadshirt individually. Try it out!

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