Originally, the domains were registered for a privately operated internet portal, which could be used free of charge by persons and institutions involved in day care for children. The aim of the project was to support parents in their regional search for persons and institutions that can take over the care of their children. The domains are partly 15 years old and the original project was online for more than 10 years. The portal was discontinued due to lack of time. In the end, more than 1,000 persons and institutions from Europe, mainly from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, were registered. Most of them were childminders/day care workers, but there were also educators. Even today some websites still refer to the former Tagesmutter project.

If you are interested in taking over the project and would like to make a serious offer, please use the contact form.

In addition to the national top-level domains of Austria (.at), Switzerland (.ch), Germany (.de) and the United States of America (.us), the European central domain (.eu) as well as the international or theme-related domains .biz, .com, .info, .name, .net and .org are also available as a package.

Please note: The domains will only be delivered as a package.

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