The company Baupo Consulting was founded in May 2007 and provided consulting services in the medium-sized process industry until the company was closed down in 2019. The industry focus was on the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, the food and luxury food industry and the manufacturers of medical devices.

Among the well-known customers of Baupo Consulting were not only classical pharmaceutical producers and contract manufacturers of pharmaceutical products, but also producers of consumer goods in the cosmetics sector, a manufacturer of adhesives and producers of organic food.

After the abandonment of the company, the word mark 'baupo', a figurative mark which has served Baupo Consulting as the company logo, as well as 24 national, international and theme-oriented domains are for sale in addition to the internet project.

The domain package includes the national top-level domains of Austria (.at), Belgium (.be), Switzerland (.ch), Germany (.de), France (.fr), Italy (.it), the Czech Republic (.cz), the Netherlands (.nl) and the United States of America (.us), as well as the European central domain (.eu) and the international and theme-based domains .biz, .com, .net and .org.

Note: The domain package can be purchased independently of the trademark rights, but is only delivered as a complete domain package.

If you are interested in the trademarks and/or the domain package, please use the contact form to submit a serious offer.

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