For sale is the figurative mark 'baupo' which has been used as the company logo for more than a decade. In addition to the figurative mark, the word mark 'baupo' (DPMA 30304954) and 14 national and international top-level domains are also for sale.

The brand 'baupo' was used by the management consultancy Baupo Consulting. The company has provided consulting services for medium-sized companies in the process industry. In addition to the topics 'Organizational Consulting', 'Interim Management' and 'System and Supplier Evaluation', the focus was on the processes of the logistics chain (SCM processes) with emphasis on planning and production processes.  

Baupo Consulting Logo Endfassung

List of goods / services

Class(es) Nice 35:
Advice on the organisation and management of businesses; consultancy services in matters of business management; business management consultancy; assistance in the management of industrial or commercial businesses; organisational consultancy in business matters; organisational project management in the field of data processing; systematisation of data in computer databases; management consultancy; organisational consultancy, namely advice to company management/responsible persons in matters of business-economic/organisational structuring of business processes; Interim management, i.e. temporary assumption of technical and personnel responsibility in the business/organisational management of companies or parts of companies; organisational project management, i.e. assumption/support of project/partial project management tasks; business consulting in the selection of business software, IT systems and service providers; recording, analysis and visualisation of business processes.

Class(es) Nice 38:
Provision of access to information on the Internet; electronic messaging; transmission of messages

Class(es) Nice 41:
coaching; human resources development through education and training; organising and conducting workshops (training); writing texts, except advertising texts

Class(es) Nice 42:
Updating computer software; updating internet pages; user and rights management in computer networks; consultancy in the design of homepages and internet pages; computer software consultancy; computer system analyses; IT consultancy; technical project management in the IT field; quality assurance of IT projects through quality reviews and audits; conceptual and operational implementation of computer system validations; validation planning for technical purposes; preparation of risk analyses and test plans, support in test implementation, technical system acceptance

Information on registration from the central register

Register number 30772013
File number 307720136
Type of mark Figurative mark
Application date 06.11.2007
Registration date 13.02.2008
Extension of protection 01.12.2017
Date of protection expiry 30.11.2027
Class(es) 35, 38, 41, 42

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