Baupo® is an artificial word registered at the German Patent and Trademark Office. It is made up of the first letters of the business areas in which Baupo® Consulting formerly provided consulting services. BAUPO is based on the life cycle model of IT systems known from computer system validation. However, it can also be used as a synonym for a construction portal, a construction company or as an abbreviation for 'Baupolizei'.

In addition to the property rights to the 'baupo' brand, the sale includes the trademark rights to the company logo (DPMA 30772013) and 14 national and international top-level domains.

List of goods / services

Services of a personnel service agency, namely personnel and job placement; Services of a construction, trade, crafts and industry representation, namely representation of economic interests of third parties vis-à-vis political decision-makers, advertising and procurement of services and products of third parties for commercial (merchandising) purposes at trade fairs and events as well as for Internet and other media, secretarial services for third parties, namely the preparation of accounts and statistics, execution of paperwork, scheduling and resource planning, telephone/fax/email service, as well as order and order processing, also in the context of e-commerce; provision of portals on the Internet

Information on registration from the central register


Register number 30304954
File number 303049545
Type of mark Word mark
Application date Jan 30, 2003
Registration date Apr 10, 2003
Extension of protection Feb 1, 2013
Date of protection expiry Jan 31, 2023
Class(es) 35, 38 

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